RD277 - Annual Audit Reports - 2017

    Executive Summary:
    Annual audit report on the compliance of clerks with procedures for collection of fines, costs, forfeitures and penalties assessed, collected, and unpaid and those which remain unsatisfied or do not meet the conditions of § 19.2-354 by each circuit and district court. [The reporting requirement for Item 73.F. of the 2017 Appropriation Act is included in this report.]

    To view reports, access the link to the Auditor of Public Accounts ( http://www.apa.virginia.gov/APA_Reports/Reports.aspx) , then enter the name of the locality of the City/County whose reports you wish to view in the "Agency/Locality" filter, e.g., enter "Richmond," (or select any other filters of your choice), press "Enter" on your keyboard or select "Apply Filter," then select desired report.