RD314 - Virginia Health Information (VHI) 2017 Annual Report and Strategic Plan Update

Executive Summary:
For over two decades, VHI stakeholders have guided our strategic direction, provided financial support, helped develop and use our information and worked with legislators, with VHI-related legislation and policy. While we’ve greatly expanded the scope and utility of the information you helped us provide, we’ve also diversified data and reports from VHI as used by businesses, consumers, hospitals, legislators, policymakers and others.

• VHI data is used in national, statewide, regional and local reports

• The Commonwealth of Virginia has been recognized nationally as a leader in healthcare pricing transparency, which reflects our engaged legislature and support by healthcare stakeholders

• VHI updates and maintains consumer guides on cardiac care, hospitals, health insurance options and long-term care

• VHI is working to expand the information in the All Payer Claims Database, maintain and update existing publications and work to develop new quality information for consumers.

VHI revenues were initially based solely on General Funds, i.e.; taxpayer dollars. Today dependence on taxpayer dollars is just 8%. Grants, consulting, license fees, data product sales and special dedicated revenues have allowed VHI to develop consumer guides, reports and invest 20%—over $1.2 million—in the development and maintenance of the All Payer Claims Database.