RD323 - Virginia Department of Corrections Assessment of the Current and Future Use of Technology – September 2017

Executive Summary:
This Executive Summary highlights the results of an assessment of the current and future use of technology conducted by the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC). This assessment was commissioned by the Virginia General Assembly to evaluate how the Virginia Department of Corrections currently uses technology and how technology can be applied to further increase security, productivity, and long-term cost savings for the Department.

VADOC engaged Impact Makers, a Virginia-based management and technology consulting firm with knowledge of VADOC and expertise in such efforts, to assist it in conducting the assessment. In addition, VADOC convened a committee of key personnel from across the organization to contribute their expertise, understanding of VADOC business needs, and knowledge of technology to the assessment. The assessment also included research to discover how technology has been applied in other states and localities, both in corrections and in other areas, as well as in other industries.

The analysis of each technological innovation evaluated how it would impact the rehabilitation and recidivism prevention programs put in place by VADOC. For an innovation to be useful to VADOC, it must complement existing programs, at a minimum. The basis of this analysis is the assumption that the best way to control corrections costs is to continue to reduce the number of offenders returning to custody.

In addition, this analysis focused on the three major technology benefits cited in General Assembly's mandate: increased security, increased productivity, and long-term cost savings. Moreover, to provide a basis for how technology has helped VADOC improve security, productivity, and long-term cost savings to date, a review of the efforts made by VADOC in terms of programs and the technology that support them was performed and the results are included at the beginning of this report.