RD376 - Developmentally Disabled (DD) Waiver Program Waiting List – October 15, 2017

Executive Summary:
The three waivers for individuals with developmental disabilities (DD) were redesigned in 2016. One of the elements of the redesigned waivers is a single waiting list for the three waivers known as the Community Living, Family and Individual Supports and Building Independence waivers.

The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) manages the DD waivers waiting list. As of July 14, 2017, the waiting list totaled 11,786 individuals. On that date, 46 percent of these individuals were 15 years or younger and 81 percent were 26 years or younger, attesting to a predominantly young waiting list composition.

The statewide waiting list is divided into three priority categories. Those in Priority One are identified as needing services in less than a year and are eligible to be assigned a DD waiver slot according to urgency of need at the time a slot comes available. Individuals in Priority Two are identified as needing a slot in one to five years and Priority Three in over five years. Individuals in Priorities Two and Three may receive slots when all Priority One individuals have been offered slots; although, they may move into Priority One as their needs change. The largest percentage of individuals on the statewide DD waivers waiting list are in the Priority Two category (42 percent or 3,044 individuals) followed by Priority Three (32 percent or 3,819 individuals). Those in Priority One, who will need services in less than one year, while still over 3,000 individuals, represent the smallest percentage (26 percent).