RD399 - Workers’ Compensation Program Settlements in Fiscal Year 2017

Executive Summary:
The Workers’ Compensation Services program completed settlements on 61 workers’ compensation claims in FY 2017 under the Working Capital Advance authorized in the 2016 Acts of Assembly Chapter 780, Item 84 F.3. Prior to the approval of all settlements, the Workers’ Compensation Program staff must:

• obtain the most current medical information

• obtain a current rehabilitation report indicating the employee’s inability to return to any type of gainful employment

• determine if the employee has taken disability or service retirement through the Virginia Retirement System

• determine if the employee is receiving social security disability benefits

• confirm that the employee does not have health insurance through Department of Human Resource Management

• conduct an analysis of the benefit to the Commonwealth of Virginia when comparing the amount of settlement to the estimated future exposure that would be created for the Virginia Retirement System

• obtain approval from the Director of Workers’ Compensation

After it has been determined that it is in both the claimant’s and the Commonwealth of Virginia’s best interest to settle the claim, it is submitted to the Office of the Attorney General for approval. If the Office of the Attorney General concurs with the recommendation, the proposed compromise settlement is submitted to the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission for their approval.