RD607 - Incentives for In-State Neurobehavioral Brain Injury Program and Additions to Waiver Services for Increased Supports to Medicaid Beneficiaries – November 1, 2017

  • Published: 2017
  • Author: Department of Medical Assistance Services
  • Enabling Authority: Joint Commission on Health Care Letter Request (2017)

Executive Summary:

Report to: 1) determine Medicaid payment rates and methods that would incent the opening and operation of an in-state neurobehavioral/nursing facility units for individuals with Brain Injury (BI) and dementia with challenging and aggressive behaviors, and 2) determine a plan, including budget estimates, to add new services to the Medicaid Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Direction (EDCD) waiver to provide needed longterm services and supports for Medicaid beneficiaries.