RD90 - Annual Executive Summary of the Interim Activity and Work of the Commission on Electric Utility Regulation, 2016 Interim

    Executive Summary:
    Pursuant to Chapter 31 (§ 30-201 et seq.) of Title 30 of the Code of Virginia, the Commission on Electric Utility Regulation (the Commission) is charged with monitoring the State Corporation Commission's implementation of the Virginia Electric Utility Regulation Act (§ 56-576 et seq.).
    The Commission consists of 10 legislative members, of whom four are members of the Senate and six are members of the House of Delegates. Senator Thomas K. Norment, Jr., serves as the Commission's chairman. The other Senate members are Senators L. Louise Lucas, Richard L. Saslaw, and Frank W. Wagner. Delegate Jackson H. Miller serves as the Commission's vice chairman. The other House members are Delegates Terry G. Kilgore, Timothy D. Hugo, Kenneth R. Plum, Ronald A. Villanueva, and Matthew James.
    Staffing was provided by Maribeth Lacy from the Office of the Clerk of the Senate and Frank Munyan from the Division of Legislative Services.
    The Commission did not meet during the 2016 interim.
    Additional information regarding the Commission's activities is available through its website at http://dls.virginia.gov/commissions/eur.htm.
    The Commission submits this executive summary of its 2016 activities as its annual report.