RD104 - Building a Secure Electronic Return of Marked Ballots Solution for our Overseas Military Voters (SB 11, 2014 Workgroup Report)

Executive Summary:

The SB11 workgroup has been charged by the 2014 General Assembly to provide instructions, procedures, services, a security assessment, and security measures for the secure return by electronic means of voted absentee military-overseas ballots from uniformed-service voters outside of the United States. The bill requires the State Board of Elections to develop and update annually a security assessment and security measures to ensure the accuracy and integrity of these votes. The State Board is directed to convene a working group for the development of the initial instructions, procedures, services, security assessment, and security measures submitted annually to the Governor and General Assembly beginning January 1, 2016 on the feasibility and cost of implementation of the secure return of these ballots. The State Board of Elections convened the 1st meeting of the workgroup in July 2015. At this meeting the group proposed a paper be drafted to document the current state of internet voting in the United States, what other states are doing with internet voting, how close races have been in the past, implementation costs, security proposals from vendors, and security risks.