RD115 - Annual Report To The Joint Subcommittee Studying Measures To Reduce Emissions From Coal-Carrying Railroad Cars Per Senate Resolution No. 257, March 2018

Executive Summary:

In accordance with the 1997 Virginia Senate Joint Resolution No. 257, Norfolk Southern Corporation (Norfolk Southern) summarizes the efforts to identify and mitigate fugitive coal dust emissions from its rail corridors and facilities in the Commonwealth during the calendar year 2017. This report illustrates Norfolk Southern’s compliance with the resolution and its commitment to protect the environment.

Summary of Key Accomplishments in 2017

• Norfolk Southern’s Performance Monitoring Plan remains fully implemented.

• The Trackside Monitor in Altavista, VA continues to monitor trains headed for the Tidewater area, providing timely and valuable feedback to the mines participating in Norfolk Southern’s coal dust reduction program. An upgraded grading system for characterizing emissions has been implemented to be consistent with the system used by other US railroads, and Norfolk Southern has made improvements which further helps its identifying sources of excessively dusty events.

• 1 - 800 Dusting Report Line continues to be available to record any complaints from persons and businesses located in the rail corridors through which Norfolk Southern transports coal. Norfolk Southern received three calls in 2017, and promptly responded to the complaints by tracing the source via improved Trackside Monitor.

• Monitoring of particulate matter (PM10) near Lamberts Point in Norfolk, VA continues to demonstrate compliance with the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS). Norfolk Southern continues its monitoring following its successful completion of a voluntary study in consultation with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.