RD329 - Virginia Health Information 2018 Annual Report and Strategic Plan Update

Executive Summary:

Twenty-five years and counting, a time for celebration and challenge as yesterday’s future becomes today’s reality. Virginia’s General Assembly first established what we now call Virginia’s Health Data Reporting laws in 1993. Beginning with the nation’s 38th statewide hospital discharge system, the information collected and available has expanded to include a wide range of information on health plans, hospitals, nursing facilities and physicians. Rankings are published on the quality, cost and efficiency of the healthcare we receive.

In an exciting new effort, Virginia Health Information (VHI) began providing management services to ConnectVirginia HIE and implementing the promising Emergency Department Care Coordination Program. To support healthcare reform, VHI is working in collaboration with members of the General Assembly, Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and stakeholders to roll out expanded hospital and other provider charity care reporting.

With such a variety of health information products, private contracts and grants, VHI funding has slashed its 100% reliance on taxpayer dollars in 1993 to under 10% today. None of this would matter however if we weren’t true to our mission by helping consumers make more informed healthcare decisions and help providers improve the quality of care.

While we as Board Members are pleased with our progress, much needs to be done. Later this year, VHI’s Board will hold a strategic planning retreat to examine our mission, how we address it and how we may be of even greater value to the Commonwealth.

On behalf of Virginia Health Information’s Board, we ask for your help in collaborating to help Virginians get the right care at the right time and the right price.

Rusty Maney, VHI President