RD435 - Report on Beaumont Juvenile Correctional Center Powhatan County, Virginia – October 31, 2018

Executive Summary:

Item C-47, Paragraph F.3.c. of Chapter 2, 2018 Acts of Assembly, directs the Department of General Services (“DGS") to report to the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, the Chairmen of the Senate Finance Committees and to the Governor, the highest and best use for the property known as Beaumont Juvenile Correctional Center located at 3500 Beaumont Road in Powhatan County (“Beaumont"). In determining such use, DGS is charged with (i) estimating revenues and costs from any sale or development of the entire property or any portion thereof, and (ii) determine the viability of various options for potential use of the property by the Department of Corrections (“DOC"), Department of Conservation and Recreation (“DCR"), and/or the Department of Juvenile Justice (“DJJ").