RD437 - 2018 Biennial Report Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Board

Executive Summary:

I am pleased to provide to you the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board's Biennial Report as required by Virginia Code § 46.2-1503.5. I have prepared this report on behalf of the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (Board).

The Board has been in existence since 1995. We make every effort to educate the dealer community regarding the laws and regulations governing their industry. The approach of the Board and its staff is to educate dealers so that they will have the necessary knowledge and tools to further the professionalism of the automobile, motorcycle, trailer, and recreational vehicles dealer industry. In addition, the Board has taken a pro-consumer stand in its administration of the Transaction Recovery Fund; enforcement of Advertising Regulations and by assisting consumers when they are having a dealer related problem.

Upon reviewing the report, I'm sure you will agree that the Board continues to make a positive impact upon the dealer community, the economy, and within the Commonwealth. Our methods of operation are completely transparent and evolving as we strive to better serve the citizens of the Commonwealth. We thank you for your support as we continue our efforts to minimize regulations, increase efficiency, and enhance consumer protection.


/s/ William R. Childress
Executive Director