RD537 - Report on the Study of Circuit Court Clerks’ Salaries in Relation to District Court Clerks’ Salaries

Executive Summary:

The Compensation Board is pleased to present this report summarizing the review of circuit court clerks’ salaries in relation to district court clerks and deputy clerks staff salaries, pursuant to Chapter 2 of the 2018 Virginia Acts of Assembly. This report includes findings of the comparison of the classification and pay plans, salary increase history, and average state supported salaries and locality supplements of circuit court clerks and employees of the district court system. As directed by the General Assembly, specific emphasis has been given to jurisdictions where locally funded supplements to salaries by a local governing body are not provided for these positions.

The Compensation Board would like to thank the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia for their participation and the technical assistance provided by staff. Questions or comments regarding this report should be directed to Robyn M. de Socio, Executive Secretary for the Compensation Board, at (804) 225-3439 or via email at robyn.desocio@scb.virginia.gov, or to Charlotte W. Lee, Budget Manager for the Compensation Board, at (804) 225-3366 or via email at charlotte.lee@scb.virginia.gov.