RD605 - 2018 Annual Executive Summary of Interim Activities of Virginia State University Board of Visitors

Executive Summary:

Pursuant to § 23.1-1303(B)(12) of the Code of Virginia (as amended), Virginia State University hereby submits prior to the first day of the General Assembly an annual summary of interim activity of the work of the Board of Visitors.

The University submits as required information as follows:

• Va. Code § 23.1-1303(B)(1) (public access to information);
• Va. Code § 23.1-1303(B)(1) (adopting bylaws);
• Va. Code § 23.1-1303(B)(8) (BOV annual meeting with the president);
• Va. Code § 23.1-1306 (duties of the executive committee); and
• Va. Code § 23.1-1300(A)(B)(C)(E)(F) (members of governing boards, removal, terms).

The University also provides a narrative summary demonstrating compliance with these sections and a summary of activities for the year.