RD155 - Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth 2018 Annual Report

Executive Summary:

The last year has been a pivotal one for the future health of America’s young people, with the continued growth of youth e-cigarette use.

The U.S. Surgeon General declared it a public health epidemic that is addicting a new generation of young people to nicotine. (E-cigarette use among U.S. high school students increased by 78 percent during the 2017-18 school year.)

While youth use of traditional tobacco products has greatly declined in Virginia, the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth is concerned with continuing the great progress we’ve made in improving the health of our young people over the last two decades.

To that end, VFHY released a free classroom educational module, The Danger of Other Tobacco Products, that has been distributed nationwide.

We are also exceedingly proud of the hard work our teen Y Street volunteers have done to encourage school systems in Virginia to adopt comprehensive tobacco-free policies. Y Street’s 24/7 campaign directly inspired another new state law this year that will make every one of Virginia’s 132 school divisions free of e-cigarettes and tobacco products!

As we enter another new year bringing new prevention challenges, I want to thank you, on behalf of everyone here at VFHY, for your continued support and for everything you do to help Virginia’s children lead healthier, happier lives.


/s/ Marty H. Kilgore
Executive Director
Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth