RD257 - Central Virginia Training Center (CVTC) Residents Needs Assessment – July 16, 2019

Executive Summary:

As of April 30, 2019, there are fifty (50) residents remaining at Central Virginia Training Center (CVTC). As required by Item 310 M.4. of the 2019 Appropriations Act, this report contains a summary of the needs of these residents and the services that will be available to the individuals as they transition into community homes and their current discharge status. The Commonwealth of Virginia has already closed three of the five Training Centers with CVTC scheduled to close in 2020. Staff at DBHDS, CSBs, and private community providers has worked diligently to ensure that the community is suited for the individual’s specific needs. The complexity of developing these community services comes from the wide range in ages, levels of intellectual disability, and service and support needs of the remaining residents. As you will read in the report, this effort has resulted in the development of an adequate number of beds in the community that will address the needs of the remaining residents at CVTC.

DBHDS has recently focused on additional services needed in the community for these residents. The development of additional Behavioral Specialist and important Crisis Services will ensure these individuals receive the most appropriate care in their new homes in the community.