RD280 - 2019 EnergyShare® Annual Report

Executive Summary:

Dominion Energy provides clean, safe, and reliable energy to our customers, and we are committed to strengthening the communities where we do business. Through its EnergyShare program, the company provides assistance to customers in times of need to bridge a financial gap by helping them cover their energy costs and offering free energy efficiency upgrades. These upgrades provide permanent energy bill savings through energy conservation. EnergyShare has helped nearly 827,600 qualified individuals and families in the communities we serve through its year-round energy assistance program since 1982. Following a significant program expansion in 2015, Dominion Energy engaged the help of key stakeholders to develop the future of the program. The commitment was further strengthened in 2018 by the Grid Transformation and Security Act (GTSA), which increased funding to $130 million through 2028, helping even more individuals and their families experiencing financial crises pay for the cost of heating and cooling their homes.

Since the 2015 expansion:

• 4,500 veterans and 4,300 individuals living with disabilities have received bill assistance

• More than 9,800 single- and multi-family homes have been made more efficient, and

• Dominion Energy representatives and volunteers have participated in more than 1,400 outreach events educating more than 606,000 people.

The company has a long history of working with the communities we serve. The service we provide is essential to the health and well-being of our customers, especially those more vulnerable residents, like the elderly or those living with disabilities.