RD334 - Promoting Family Reintegration in Intensive Re-entry Programs – September 4, 2019

Executive Summary:

The Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) fosters a healing environment that promotes family reintegration in intensive reentry programs and throughout the Department. The VADOC has numerous programs and services that have been developed purposefully to assist in the successful reintegration of offenders with their families and children. The VADOC is dedicated to this critical issue due to its direct impact on long-term public safety. As an agency dedicated to helping people be better, the VADOC follows the notion that family reintegration contributes to the enhancement of the quality of life for returning citizens prior to release and once the returning citizen has transition to the community. There is a direct correlation between family reintegration amid a decrease in recidivism, as well as crime victimization. Beyond the impact on public safety, the Department recognizes the positive impact on the lives of the spouses and most particularly, the offender's children. By reestablishing healthy family relationships, this can help prevent the next generation from following in their parent's footsteps into a life of criminal activity. The following describes the programs and curriculum VADOC has applied to the task of fostering successful family reintegration. Each of these programs offers elements that support a healthy family reunification.