RD376 - 2016 EnergyShare® Annual Report

Executive Summary:

Community engagement is embedded in Dominion’s culture and we are committed to improving the quality of life of the citizens where we do business. Customers depend on us for affordable energy, but sometimes our customers find themselves in a crisis. That’s why we help by paying their energy bills and offering no-cost upgrades which will result in lasting energy improvements to customers’ homes. These upgrades reduce the demand on customers’ bills and help them conserve energy.

In an effort to strengthen the communities we serve, on September 1, 2015, Dominion Virginia Power significantly expanded both the funding and resources it devotes to EnergyShare. Since the launch of the expanded program, the company has provided financial assistance and sustainable energy savings to more than 14,100 families.

To date:

• 800 veterans and 1,000 individuals living with disabilities have received bill assistance. This brings the total number of individuals and families who have been helped through EnergyShare to 775,000 over the past 34 years.

• 7,000 single- and multi-family homes have been made more energy efficient, and

• Dominion representatives and volunteers have participated in 200 outreach events designed to encourage residents to make wise energy-saving decisions.

The company has long been committed to helping residents within its service territory make wise energy decisions. Heating and cooling are essential to the health and welfare of all individuals, especially those who are elderly or living with disabilities. The 2015 expansion of the EnergyShare program links, for the first time, energy assistance with weatherization services, education and outreach. The goal is to help residents reduce energy costs and make lasting changes.