RD387 - Virginia Health Information 2019 Annual Report and Strategic Plan Update

Executive Summary:

Change happens, especially in today’s healthcare. We have new treatments, medicines, mergers, providers and, oh yes, a welcome cry for greater cost and quality transparency. As Virginia Health Information’s (VHI’s) President, I welcome you to our 2019 Annual Report & Strategic Plan Update. Our aim is to highlight how VHI is anticipating and meeting change head on with new initiatives in concert with state and federal government, private companies and multi-stakeholder collaborations.

For a clear vision of the future, we’ve updated our Strategic Plan, introduced new collaborative programs, expanded our Board of Directors, grown the organization and brought ConnectVirginia, Virginia’s Health Information Exchange, into our fold. All this to better fulfill our mission and vision.

Yes, the healthcare landscape is changing and changing quickly. Together we’ll better recognize, prepare and respond to it with innovative approaches for new and improved healthcare information.

/s/ Rusty Maney
VHI President