RD460 - Central Criminal Records Exchange Progress on Unapplied Criminal History Information – October 2019

Executive Summary:

The Department, through the Central Criminal Records Exchange (CCRE), electronically receives and processes criminal court disposition information on a weekly basis. This information is transferred electronically through a secure file transfer from the Supreme Court of Virginia, Fairfax County Circuit Court, and Alexandria Circuit Court.(*1) Disposition information that is free from errors and omissions, and that corresponds to an arrest booking for an offense found on the criminal history record, is automatically applied to the criminal history record once it is received and validated. Dispositions that are received with errors and omissions are reviewed, researched, resolved, and applied by Department staff daily; however, criminal court dispositions without a corresponding offense are retained in the disposition hold file until the corresponding offense is received and applied to the criminal history record.

In an effort to increase criminal history record information reporting to the CCRE the Department, pursuant to Chapter 783 of the 2019 Acts of Assembly, has developed processes to aid in the reporting of criminal history record information. The processes aim to provide outreach to those involved in reporting criminal record information to ensure reporting requirements are met and sustained. This report examines the steps taken and progress made towards improving criminal history record information reporting.
(*1) See § 19.2-390 Code of Virginia.