RD527 - Virginia Specialty Dockets – December 1, 2019

Executive Summary:

Code of Virginia § 18.2-254.2 (Appendix B) directs the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court to develop a statewide evaluation model and conduct ongoing evaluations of the effectiveness and efficiency of all local specialty dockets established in accordance with the Rules of Supreme Court of Virginia. The section further requires each local specialty docket to submit evaluative reports to the Office of the Executive Secretary as requested and requires the Office of the Executive Secretary to submit a report of such evaluations to the General Assembly by December 1 of each year. This report is submitted in compliance with that requirement.(*1)


(*1) This report includes information on veterans dockets and behavioral/mental health dockets. Information on drug treatment court dockets is reported separately, in accordance with Va. Code § 18.2-254.1.