RD577 - Plan for Virginia’s Food Safety Programs – November 13, 2019

Executive Summary:

The 2018 Appropriations Act (Budget Bill) requires the Virginia Department of Health and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (“the Departments") to collaborate to develop a plan that address six areas: 1) the likelihood of additional general fund resources for this activity; 2) projected workloads, including the total number of establishments subject to inspection by type of establishment; 3) cost containment and efficiency strategies in program management through increased reliance upon technology; 4) options to fund the programs or a portion of the programs through a flexible fee schedule that considers the number, size, and type of establishments and the time and resources required to inspect such establishments; 5) the feasibility of unifying the food safety inspections currently performed by the Departments; and 6) legislation to implement the plan.  In addition, the bill requires the Departments to seek input from various stakeholders from local government, private sector entities, and the public.