RD713 - Forfeited Asset Sharing Program Annual Report – FY2019

Executive Summary:

Effective July 1, 2018, Code of Virginia § 19.2-386.14 requires the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to collect additional information from local law enforcement agencies participating in the Forfeited Asset Sharing Program. This additional information includes: (i) the offense on which the forfeiture is based listed in the information filed pursuant to § 19.2-386.1, (ii) any criminal charge brought against the owner of the forfeited asset, and (iii) if a criminal charge was brought against the owner of the forfeited asset, the status of the charge, including whether the charge is pending or resulted in a conviction. In order to collect this additional information, the DCJS Computer Services section conceived and implemented a new database to collect the required criminal charge and criminal charge status information for every asset forfeited. In addition, at the time the seizure is reported, agencies now report the basis for the seizure(s). This information is included in the following report and appendices.