RD162 - Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs Year in Review and Virginia Military Advisory Council 2019 Annual Report

Executive Summary:

The Virginia Military Advisory Council (VMAC) was created as an advisory council to: maintain a cooperative and constructive relationship between the Commonwealth and the leadership of the Armed Forces of the United States and the military commanders of such Armed Forces stationed in the Commonwealth, encourage regular communication on continued military facility viability, and encourage the exploration of privatization opportunities and issues affecting preparedness, public safety, and security.

In 2019, the VMAC, led by the Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs, Carlos L. Hopkins, was comprised of thirty-one (31) military officers representing major military commands and installations in the Commonwealth. The House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia each appointed members to serve on the VMAC during 2019. Governor Ralph Northam appointed four (4) individuals, with backgrounds dealing with the military and the quality of life for military families. Through the normal rotation of installation commanders, there were eight (8) new members in 2019.

Under the leadership of the Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs, the focus of the VMAC in 2019 was on continuing efforts to make the Commonwealth of Virginia the most militaryfriendly state in the Nation. Virginia continues to work on finding opportunities for those service members and their families who are transitioning from active duty in order to keep these valuable citizens and resources within the Commonwealth.