RD187 - Virginia State University Two-Year College Transfer Grant Program

    Executive Summary:

    Virginia State University has an estimated target of 80 transfer students to receive the College Transfer Grant (CTG). The University has made minimal progress towards this goal due to our inability to attract transfers with two-year degrees. Over the past four years, VSU has awarded the following in CTG funds:

    Award Year: 2016-17
    Number of Students: 4
    Dollar Amount: $7,880

    Award Year: 2017-18
    Number of Students: 4
    Dollar Amount: $5,500

    Award Year: 2018-19
    Number of Students: 5
    Dollar Amount: $7,500

    Award Year: 2019-20
    Number of Students: 5
    Dollar Amount: $7,500

    The University has taken the following actions in order to increase the number of eligible transfers:

    o Included the CTG application and other materials in the University’s admissions and marketing materials.

    o Updated the VSU Transfer Admissions and Financial Aid Websites with CTG Application and Criteria.

    o Created a scholarship brochure distributed at Admissions fairs and VCCS schools.

    o Allowed incoming transfer students to qualify for the University’s Provost Scholarship which provides students with up to $6,500 in additional aid.

    o Hosted VCCS counselors and advisors on campus to discuss CTG and scholarship opportunities for their students.

    Moving forward, the University is considering taking the following additional actions:

    o Using Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to advertise the CTG Award.

    o Promoting the CTG and University Provost Scholarship to high school students who don’t qualify for first-time in college admissions as a way to promote a pathway between VCCS schools and Virginia State University.

    o Conducting a Transfer Open House event to publicize the CTG and scholarship opportunities.