RD484 - Eastern Virginia Groundwater Managements Advisory Committee 2020 Annual Report – November 2020

Executive Summary:

The Eastern Virginia Groundwater Management Advisory Committee (EVGMAC) was reestablished effective July 1, 2020 pursuant to legislation enacted following the 2020 Virginia General Assembly session.(*1) The Director of the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) appoints members of the EVGMAC. DEQ convenes the EVGMAC at least four times each fiscal year, and during each meeting DEQ updates the EVGMAC on activities related to groundwater management in the Eastern Virginia Groundwater Management Area and solicits EVGMAC members to present topics and analysis at future meetings. DEQ prepares and submits this report of the EVGMAC’s examinations to the Governor, the General Assembly, and the State Water Commission by November 1 of each year pursuant to § 62.1-256.2 of the Code of Virginia.
(*1) 2020 Va. Acts Ch. 805.