RD517 - Central Criminal Records Exchange Progress on Unapplied Criminal History Information – October 2020

Executive Summary:

The Department, through the CCRE, receives and processes criminal court disposition information weekly. This information is transferred electronically through secure file transfers from the Supreme Court of Virginia, Fairfax County Circuit Court, and Alexandria Circuit Court.1 Once received, this information is validated to identify errors or omissions that require human intervention to resolve before applying dispositions to criminal history records. Disposition information that is free from errors and contains a corresponding arrest booking on the criminal history record automatically applies to the criminal history records. Dispositions that do not have a related arrest booking on the criminal history record are stored in the Computerized Criminal History (CCH) hold file until the matching arrest booking is received and applied to the criminal history record.

Pursuant to Chapter 783 of the 2019 Acts of the Assembly, the Department has undertaken efforts to increase the reporting of criminal history information to the CCRE and to improve the data quality of the information received. Specific examples include focused outreach to criminal justice agencies on notifications of missing criminal history information, processing requested arrest booking information, and making unapplied criminal history information available to law enforcement and non-criminal justice agencies. This report examines the steps currently underway to improve the reporting of criminal history information to the CCRE.