RD63 - Maintenance and Operations Comprehensive Review – 2019

Executive Summary:

VDOT conducted a comprehensive review of the Commonwealth’s investment in transportation assets funded by VDOT’s Maintenance & Operations and State of Good Repair Programs. The comprehensive review entailed the development of an investment strategy to achieve long-term sustainable performance targets for pavements, bridges, and Special Structures as well as to satisfy the requirements of the Robert O. Norris Bridge and Special Structures Fund legislation, (2019 Acts of Assembly, Enactment 2 of Chapters 83 and 349).(*1),(*2),(*3) This effort is part of the Commissioner of Highways' vision to ensure VDOT is business focused.

As a result of the comprehensive review, the Commonwealth Transportation Board in December 2019 has:

• Adopted new performance targets for Pavements
• Adopted new performance measures and targets for Structures
• Supported development of a Special Structures health index and risk-based prioritization of projects
• Required an Annual Report that summarizes planned and actual achievement of performance targets
• Approved the 2019 Comprehensive Review Report

Projections of funding allocations to achieve the performance of the overall network, pavements, structures, Special Structures, and other aspects of this comprehensive review require an additional investment of $140-$186 million annually over the next 20 years.

Recognizing the full amount of funding may not be available, VDOT will prioritize the most critical projects on an annual basis to minimize risk.