RD97 - 2019 Annual Report of the Henrietta Lacks Commission

Executive Summary:

This report for calendar year 2019 constitutes the annual report for the Henrietta Lacks Commission. It is submitted to the Virginia General Assembly and the Governor in accordance with § 2.2-2541.2 of the Code of Virginia. This report provides an overview of the Commission’s activities for its second year towards accomplishing its requirements.

The Commission is comprised of nine members as defined in the foundational legislation and is administratively staffed by the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Health Equity. The Commission met four times in calendar year 2019. December meeting minutes are not included in the 2019 Annual Report as they have not been approved by the Commission. December 2019 meeting minutes will be included in the 2020 calendar year annual report.

In this calendar year, the Commission completed and approved its by-laws, developed communication strategies, and identified the proper professional organizations and persons to provide advisement in the development of the Henrietta Lacks Life Sciences Center.

Following each meeting of the Commission, detailed written minutes were prepared and posted in accordance with § 2.2-3707 of the Code of Virginia. Further details beyond this report can be obtained from those minutes, made publicly available through the Commonwealth Calendar. All meetings were conducted pursuant to notice, as required by § 2.2-3707 of the Code of Virginia.

This report constitutes the annual report for publication as required by § 2.2-2541, subsection two of the Code of Virginia.