HD11 - A Report on Establishing a Registry for Eligibility to Lawfully Possess a Firearm for On-site Rental Use at a Sport Shooting Range – September 2021 (2021 Appropriation Act, Item 425.S.)

Executive Summary:

Report on the feasibility of establishing a registry for determining eligibility to lawfully possess a firearm for on-site rental use at a sport shooting range, based on existing state and federal laws concerning possession of firearms by persons with a history of mental illness, and shall consider, at a minimum: (i) the information technology changes needed to collect the necessary information to determine if the renter of a firearm for on-site use is prohibited from possessing a firearm under any applicable state or federal law; (ii) the appropriate form or mechanism for collection of information to determine the mental health and criminal history of customers of sport shooting ranges; (iii) the reasonable timeline by which the registry can be implemented; and (iv) any necessary costs for implementation of a mental health background check registry for on-site firearms rentals.