RD199 - Annual Report to the Virginia General Assembly of the Virginia Military Institute Board of Visitors for 2020

Executive Summary:

This Report for Calendar Year 2020 constitutes the annual report for the Virginia Military Institute’s Board of Visitors. It is submitted to the Virginia General Assembly and the Governor in accordance with § 23.1-1303 of the Code of Virginia. It provides an overview of the Board’s activities and is an annual requirement. The Board is comprised of sixteen members nominated by the Governor of the Commonwealth along with The Adjutant General of Virginia, who is an ex officio member.

During this past year, the Board considered and addressed a wide variety of issues to include diversity, equity, and inclusion issues, the COVID-19 pandemic challenges, fiscal and budgetary issues, personnel matters, academic affairs, and athletic matters. VMI, like all public colleges and universities in the Commonwealth, continued to work through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing difficult fiscal climate that exists. The Board spent considerable time and attention on matters of DE&I, COVID-19 and budgetary constraints. Actions were also taken to ensure that VMI met all state legislative requirements.

Following each meeting of the Board, detailed written minutes were prepared in accordance with Va. Code § 2.2-3707 and posted as required by Va. Code § 2.2-3707. Further details beyond this Report may be obtained from those minutes, which are located on the VMI website. All meetings were conducted pursuant to notice, as required by Va. Code § 2.2-3707 (C). Our legal counsel from the Virginia Office of the Attorney General attended and was a full participant in all Board matters, on invitation pursuant to Va. Code § 23.1-1303 (B).

By the authority vested to me by the VMI Board, this Report is tendered pursuant to § 23.1-1303 (B) of the Code of Virginia.

/s/ Mr. J. William Boland
President, VMI Board of Visitors