RD406 - Auxiliary Grant Program – September 1, 2021

Executive Summary:

The 2021 Virginia Acts of Assembly directed the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) to develop an annual report on the Auxiliary Grant (AG) Program. Item 344C of Chapter 552 of the Acts of Assembly further states:

This report shall include an overview of the program as well as a summary of oversight activities and findings. In addition, the report shall include for each month of the previous fiscal year, the number of Auxiliary Grant recipients living in a supportive housing setting as well as the number of individuals receiving an AG supportive housing slot that were discharged from a state behavioral health facility in the prior 12 months.

The following report highlights AG Program statistics, including information about AG supportive housing (AGSH). The AG Program Consultant monitored ten local departments of social services during the year, conducted special request reviews of Henrico and Norton County DSS, and provided supplemental training to LDSS and AG providers. As of June 30, 2021, sixty-five individuals resided in AGSH and ten individuals were discharged from a state behavioral health facility to AGSH.