RD473 - Virginia Early Childhood Foundation 2021 Annual Report

Executive Summary:

It’s our pleasure to present the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation’s 2021 Annual Report on our progress as Virginia’s public-private partner in building a strategic and sustained focus on the healthy development and school readiness of our youngest children. As the attached report conveys, this past year has been unprecedented, as Virginia’s early childhood care and education (ECCE) system faced many challenges to keep children learning, families working, economies moving, and communities stable. In the midst of the disruption, struggle and chaos, VECF joined other ECCE leaders and stakeholders to set a vision for building a new and better system that works for everyone engaged in and benefiting from it, one with equity at the center. By challenging and moving beyond the status quo, VECF and its partners undertook groundbreaking new strategies needed for achieving the bold goal of ensuring that all Virginia families have access to quality child care by 2030. Although we recognize that there will be long lasting negative impacts from the pandemic (especially in learning disruptions, trauma, and job/financial stress for children and families), we are fully ready to harness the change, pivot when needed, and assertively move forward as champions for children, a responsibility and honor we take very seriously.

In FY21, VECF and partners garnered additional resources to our base appropriation by a ratio of 45:1. At the same time, we kept overhead low, intentionally directing resources into communities and the strategies that hold promise for children and families in Virginia. We invite you to visit www.vecf.org to learn more about our work over the past year.

Our solid track record is built on what we’ve always known to be true: the value of public-private partnerships, regionally- and family-driven solutions, and ultimately, the need for a statewide business plan for building an equitable, efficient, accountable, high quality early childhood system in Virginia. VECF is seizing the opportunity stemming from the pandemic disruption to advance early childhood systems building to the next level by launching Ready Regions, a comprehensive, regional model that serves children and families in every community.

Sixteen years ago, VECF was created by business and education leaders who recognized the impact that early childhood development plays in laying a foundation for Virginia’s youngest citizens. Today, we believe more than ever that a strong early childhood system is the cornerstone of Virginia’s economy and workforce success.

Thank you for your valued interest and support of this transformative work. Together, we will create a vastly improved early childhood system for Virginia’s bright future.

/s/ Ned W. Massee

/s/ Kathy Glazer