RD568 - The Use of Transportation Network Companies to Supplement Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) – October 1, 2021

Executive Summary:

Report on the findings and recommendations on the analysis of the utilization of Transportation Network Company (TNC) Type II Non Emergency Medicaid Transportation (NEMT) providers by the Medicaid fee-for-service program and contracted Medicaid managed care organizations, and shall:  identify any barriers to patient access to TNC Type II NEMT services; identify any gaps in TNC Type II service contracting between the department's contracted MCOs, or their transportation brokers and TNC Type II NEMT providers; examine the eligible patient population for TNC Type II NEMT services to ensure all clinically indicated Medicaid beneficiaries are eligible for TNC Type II NEMT services; and examine the necessity of TNC Type II operating requirements and identify any extraneous service requirements limiting TNC Type II services.