RD573 - Office of Children's Services Implementation of § 2.2-2638.19 of the Code of Virginia (HB2212) and A Plan to Ensure Effective Local Implementation of the Children's Services Act – November 1, 2021

Executive Summary:

This report addresses the requirements of Items 293 D. and E. of Chapter 552 (2021 Special Session), the Appropriation Act. Concerning the implementation of HB2212, the Office of Children's Services has made substantive progress in establishing the foundational activities for a successful launch of the required actions. Specific accomplishments include:

• Establishing a newly funded position and hiring a well-qualified individual for the role.

• Reviewing and summarizing all existing CSA performance, outcomes, and audit data to define the universe of information to be considered in identifying local CSA programs needing assistance.

• Convening a workgroup with local CSA stakeholders to review the data universe and advise OCS on implementing the process most effectively.

• Distributing informational communication to all local CSA programs to inform them of the new initiative.

• Developing a plan to enhance OCS' staffing resources and activities to ensure more effective local implementation of the CSA. This plan includes the addition of four regional consultants who will engage in various activities defined as needed by local CSA practitioners. The annualized cost of this plan is approximately $500,000.

• Proposing an increase in the appropriation to support local CSA administration at a minimum of $50,000 per locality, resulting in an additional need for $2.5 million per year in state general funds.