RD630 - Alternative Transportation Program Annual Report – November 8, 2021

Executive Summary:

After entering into a contract with G4S Secure Solutions to develop a statewide system of alternative transportation for individuals under a Temporary Detention Order (TDO) in May of 2019, DBHDS has worked closely with stakeholders and G4S to build infrastructure, develop ongoing training for transport staff and make this service available to individuals across the Commonwealth.  While the past year has brought unprecedented challenges for our mental health system, with the collaboration of our stakeholders, this program has become a viable service available for all adults and children who qualify as of March 2021. With over 3,000 successful transports completed, the program is poised to expand, improve and continue innovating to ensure that individuals in crisis receive safe, recovery oriented, trauma-informed transport in the least restrictive way possible. With the initial rollout complete, the focus will now be on building confidence in the service in order to increase utilization in all areas of the Commonwealth and to look for opportunities to expand upon the service to include transportation as part of the entire continuum of care from admission to discharge.