RD680 - Virginia Department of Elections: Precinct Level Absentee Ballot Reporting

Executive Summary:

The Department of Elections has prepared the following report at the direction of the Virginia General Assembly to evaluate the methods for sorting absentee ballots by precinct and reporting absentee ballots separately by each precinct. The report is a the byproduct of a bipartisan work group consisting of representatives from both major political parties as well as general registrars and Electoral Boards from across the Commonwealth. Based on these discussions, interviews with stakeholders, and extensive research, the Department of Elections has prepared a list of five recommendations for any legislation that mandates reporting absentee ballot results by precinct. The Department’s recommendations are as follows:

1. Allow localities to choose between printing ballots coded by precinct or utilizing Ballot on Demand (BOD) printers for in-person absentee voting.

2. Allow the Department of Elections to establish standards by which localities will report their precinct-level absentee ballot results.

3. Allow the Department of Elections to establish certification standards for Ballot on Demand systems.

4. Allow the Department of Elections to promulgate security and reporting standards.

5. That the General Assembly consider allowing for precinct level results to be reported shortly after election night, rather than on election night.