RD78 - Virginia Department of Transportation 2020 Biennial Report

Executive Summary:

Biennial report on:  1. The methodology used to determine maintenance needs, including an explanation of the transparent methodology used for the allocation of funds from the Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund pursuant to subsection A of § 33.2-352;  2. The methodology approved by the Commonwealth Transportation Board (the Board) for the allocation of funds for state of good repair purposes as defined in § 33.2-369 and, if necessary, an explanation and rationale for any waiver of the cap provided for in subsection B of § 33.2-369; 3. The expenditures from the Highway Maintenance and Operating Program for the past fiscal year by asset class or activity and by construction district as well as the planned expenditure for the current fiscal year; 4. A description of transportation systems management and operations in the Commonwealth and the operating condition of primary and secondary state highways, including location and average duration of incidents; 5. A listing of prioritized pavement and bridge needs based on the priority ranking system developed by the Board pursuant to § 33.2-369 and a description of the priority ranking system; 6. A description of actions taken to improve highway operations within the Commonwealth, including the use of funds in the Innovation and Technology Transportation Fund established pursuant to § 33.2-1531; 7. The use of funds in the Special Structure Fund established pursuant to § 33.2-1532; 8. The status of the Interstate Operations and Enhancement Program, including, at a minimum, the allocation of revenues for the program, the current and projected performance of each interstate highway corridor, and the anticipated benefits of funded strategies, capital improvements, and services by the interstate highway;  and 9. A review of the Department of Transportation's collaboration with the private sector in delivering services.