SD13 - Report of the Joint Subcommittee to Study Barrier Crimes and Criminal History Records Checks in the Commonwealth in the 21st Century (SJR 285, 2021 SSI)

Executive Summary:

Report on the findings and recommendations of the Joint Subcommittee convened to continue developing recommendations related to (i) the laws of the Commonwealth relating to barrier crimes and criminal history records checks; (ii) addressing issues related to the underlying structural organization of provisions relating to barrier crimes in the Code of Virginia; (iii) determining whether barrier crime exceptions and waiver processes should be broadened; (iv) determining whether the required amount of time that must lapse after conviction of certain barrier crimes should be shortened; (v) recommending statutory or regulatory changes needed to improve the Commonwealth's requirements related to barrier crimes and criminal history records checks; and (vi) addressing other issues recommended by the joint subcommittee to study, such as collateral consequences and private background check companies.