RD131 - Progress in Meeting Degree Production in Data Science, Technology, Engineering, Healthcare and Education – January 2022

Executive Summary:

In the 2018 session, the General Assembly approved a total of $28.4 million to increase production of degree awards in the areas of data science, technology, science, engineering, healthcare and education. The funding, targeted towards public four-year institutions (except University of Virginia at Wise), included budget language that identified an expected annual increase by institution and area, totaling 880 awards by 2020 using 2016-17 awards as the baseline year. The awards included bachelor, master, doctoral and first professional degrees identified primarily through the classification of instructional programs (CIP).

In 2020, the state exceeded the total goal of 880 additional awards. Awards in all areas grew from 22,008 in 2017 to 24,090—an increase of 2,082. Awards in 2021 continued to maintain over 2017 levels but grew slightly (306) from the prior year.

The following provides an overview of overall annual award data by award area and institution with comparison data to the goals outlined in the budget language.