RD169 - 2022-2023 Virtual Virginia Program Plan – March 3, 2022

Executive Summary:

The Virginia Department of Education has a long history in providing digital learning opportunities for students. Beginning in the 1980s, the Virginia Satellite Education Network (VSEN) offered AP and world language courses via satellite television to students throughout Virginia. In the mid-2000s, VDOE added web-based course delivery via the Virtual Virginia Advanced Placement School (VVAPS). Shortly thereafter, VDOE decided to fully embrace online education and merged the VSEN and VVAPS programs to form Virtual Virginia.

The Virginia Department of Education’s Virtual Virginia (VVA) program provides K-12 online courses, a statewide learning management system (LMS) with digital content, and professional learning opportunities to schools, students, and educators across the Commonwealth. VVA promotes equitable access to rigorous courses, high-quality instruction, and digital learning resources for schools in the Commonwealth and across the nation. VVA also provides educational options to all learners, including underserved populations, as a complement to local public school offerings.

VVA works in partnership with Virginia public school divisions to facilitate access to courses, content, and professional learning opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable due to a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to low enrollment, scheduling conflicts, or a lack of highly qualified instructors in specific subject areas. One of VVA's core commitments is to provide academic flexibility while preserving the autonomy of Virginia public school divisions in meeting the varied schedules, needs, and expectations of learners. All learners enrolled in VVA courses remain affiliated with their local schools and remain part of their schools' membership.