RD205 - Virginia State University Two-Year College Transfer Grant Program

    Executive Summary:

    Virginia State University (VSU) has an estimated target of 80 transfer students to receive the College Transfer Grant (CTG). Progress declined in 2021-22 due to the pandemic. However, the University is working to achieve this goal. VSU has awarded the following in CTG funds over the past two years:

    Award Year: 2020-21
    Number of Students: 8
    Dollar Amount: $12,500

    Award Year: 2021-22
    Number of Students: 6
    Dollar Amount: $10,500

    The University has taken the following actions to increase the number of eligible transfers:

    • Established a Transfer Center dedicated to focus on recruitment and success of transfer students. (April 2021). Hired a Transfer Center Director (Mr. Artis Gordon) to oversee these efforts. A Transfer Admissions Counselor role was also established (May 2021). There is a specific goal to recruit more transfer students from the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) as well as establish partnerships with community college partners.

    • Developed an enhanced recruitment plan that consists of regular visits to VCCS institutions to include in-person and virtual visits. There have been 47 visits since June of 2021.

    • Currently working with Brightpoint Community College to establish a new transfer agreement.

    • Hosted community college representatives to VSU campus to discuss ways to collaborate and increase visibility.

    • Currently working with the VSU College of Engineering and Technology to determine programs that align with a future articulation agreement.

    • Established a profile presence on the Transfer Virginia Portal website.

    • Increased the visibility of the Founder’s Scholarship for incoming transfer students who have earned an Associate’s degree. The scholarship provides students with up to $6,500 in additional aid. We hope to leverage this opportunity with the CTG to provide an added incentive for transfer.

    • Working to establish a VCCS transfer/associates degree-completion pipeline initiative to promote to high school students who do not qualify for admission to VSU out of high school.

    • Updated Financial Aid Website with CTG Application and Criteria.

    • Continue to increase the visibility of Virginia State University’s Transfer Center through various forms of communication to attract Virginia transfer students.