RD300 - Crime in Virginia 2021

Executive Summary:

2021 Facts At A Glance

• The total number of incidents reported was 324,558. (Page 10)

• The total number of offenses reported was 361,890 and the month of October had the greatest numbers of offenses reported with 32,968. (Page 9 & 10)

• In the number of reported incidents, there were 377,382 Group A Crimes reported by the contributing agencies. (Page 8)

• There were 16,823 violent crime offenses involving 19,461 victims with 50% offenses occurring at a residence/home. (Page 53)

• There were 5,706 victims of the 5,350 forcible sex offenses reported by the contributing agencies. (Page 19)

• The total theft of property was $422,386,330 and stolen automotive property accounted for a property loss of $159,352,140. (Page 46)

• Firearms represented 45% of all known weapons used in aggravated assaults. Of all victims of aggravated assault, 54.4% had some type of injury. (Page 16)

• There were 1,787 assaults on officers reported in Virginia. More than one-quarter (29.7%) involved some type of injury to the officer. (Page 76)

• Of the 123 hate crime offenses reported, 76% of these were assault offenses (aggravated assault, simple assault) or vandalism/damage of property offenses. (Page 59)

• Drug arrests decreased by nearly half (46.7%) with the largest percentage decrease in the under 18 age group (67.8%). (Page 49)

• The number of reports of drugs seized decreased for nearly all drug types, especially marijuana (67%), due in large part to the repeal of § 18.2-250.1 on July 1, 2021. (Page 48)

Data fluctuates as investigations continue. Data reflected in this publication is as of March 14, 2022. If an occurrence or incident date is unknown, the date used for data collection is the date the incident was reported. If a range of dates, the date used is the first date of the range.

Clearance Rates: The IBR system does not accurately reflect the volume of clearances each department produces in a given year. Additionally, the number of arrests in a jurisdiction does not provide precise offense clearance information in that one person arrested could clear multiple offenses. Please contact individual agencies for incident clearance information.