RD478 - Virginia Victims Fund Annual Report FY22

Executive Summary:

As we closed out FY22, the Fund continues to draw upon the Commission’s core values of integrity and accountability. This year has proven to be filled with challenges and successes. The Fund has strengthened its remote workforce, implementing practices that promote consistency, continuity of services and corroboration of the Fund’s mission “…to administer the Compensating Victims of Crime Act in a compassionate, fair and efficient manner." In so doing, the Fund strives to treat every victim and survivor with dignity and respect, recognizing the tremendous impact of violent crime.

This year’s Annual Report reflects the Fund’s effort to enhance operations, improve processes, address core deficiencies and support our partners at every level to meet the needs of the individuals and families we serve. From undergoing an internal restructuring to shortfalls in resources and revenue, the fortitude of the Fund’s most vital resource, its Team Members, remains committed to the Commission’s expectation of excellence.

As we end this fiscal year on the cusp of 45 years of service, we honor those who have come before us to ensure the Fund is present and available to Virginia’s citizens. As Virginia continues to strengthen its commitment to public safety, the Fund recommits its efforts to serve as a voice of healing and remediation for those impacted by crime. This report illustrates our efforts and serves as a pronouncement of our stewardship and steadfast service to the Commonwealth and its citizens.

In solidarity and service,

Kassandra Bullock
Director, Virginia Victims Fund