RD53 - Cancer Action Coalition of Virginia Report to the Governor, General Assembly, and the Joint Commission on Health Care – January 12, 2022

Executive Summary:

On behalf of the Cancer Action Coalition of Virginia, it is our pleasure to submit the annual report to the Governor, the General Assembly, and the Joint Commission on Health Care as requested in House Joint Resolution No. 56 of 2010.

The Cancer Action Coalition of Virginia (CACV) is an alliance of organizations and individuals working together to provide statewide guidance, support, leadership, and coordination of cancer prevention and control activities throughout the Commonwealth. CACV is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to reduce the burden of cancer for all persons living in Virginia utilizing the Virginia Cancer Plan to provide a forum for collaboration, education, and advocacy.

In 2018, CACV members, in partnership with the Virginia Department of Health, released the latest blueprint for community-based cancer prevention and control activities in the Commonwealth; the document is the Virginia Cancer Plan (VCP), 2018-2022. The VCP contains goals, specific objectives, methods to achieve objectives, and standards used to measure success. Notably, this version of Virginia’s State Cancer Plan is one of the only plans in the country that has dedicated goals around Pediatric, Adolescent, and Young Adult Cancers.

Despite the continued challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic during 2021, CACV leadership and members remained committed to serving cancer patients, survivors, and Virginians as a whole. Throughout the report, you will find references to how our activities align with the Virginia Cancer Plan along with metrics showing our progress.

This year, CACV adjusted the format of the Virginia Cancer Conference (rescheduled from 2020) and other educational events to virtual platforms to continue our commitment to support and collaborate with the Virginia cancer community. Our activities always focus on the Virginia Cancer Plan intending to promote collaboration among our members to meet the plan goals and objectives.

Please contact Jessica Deering at jdeering@cancercoalitionofvirginia.org to answer questions about the report. Thank you for distributing the report to Virginia’s legislators and citizens.


/s/ Ericca Facetti
Board Chair

/s/ Kelly Fitzgerald

/s/ Jessica Deering
Executive Director