RD71 - Report of the Retired Recall Judge Workgroup

Executive Summary:

Item 1, Paragraph Z, of the 2021 Appropriation Act (Chapter 552, 2021 Reconvened Special Session I) requires the Chair of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary to "convene a workgroup to review the process by which non-elected judges, including retired judges, are utilized by the Circuit Courts to make legally binding decisions. The workgroup shall include in its review the frequency of such use of non-elected judges, any issues that arise from the use of non-elected judges, and the process by which non-elected judges are evaluated. The workgroup shall prepare and deliver a report for review by the Senate Committee on the Judiciary by the first day of the 2022 Regular General Assembly Session."

The Retired Recall Judge Workgroup (the Workgroup) met electronically on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, with Senator J. Chapman Petersen, designated by Senator John S. Edwards as chair, presiding. Senator Edwards, Senator Richard H. Stuart, and Senator Scott A. Surovell were present. Following opening remarks, the Workgroup reviewed and discussed the report titled "Annual Report on the Evaluation of the Number and Types of Circuit Court Cases that are Overseen by/Referred to Retired Judges" and prepared by the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia (OES). Materials reviewed by the Workgroup are accessible through the LIS Reports to the General Assembly website and included with this report as Attachment A.