HD7 - Earned Sentence Credit Legislation – House Bill 5148 Report (Chapter 50, 2020 SSI)

Executive Summary:

Report on the findings and conclusions  of the work group convened to study the impact of the sentence credit amendments set forth in Chapter 50 of the 2020 Special Session I Acts of Assembly, including (i) the state fiscal impact of the sentence credit amendments, including any cost savings realized by reducing the length of time spent by persons in state correctional facilities; (ii) the number of persons affected by the sentence credit amendments and the distribution of such persons among state correctional facilities; (iii) a detailed six-year plan describing the estimated releases by facility under this act, accounting for any persons who will be transferred from jail, as well as persons who would be otherwise released in the covered years; and (iv) any other information the Department of Corrections deems relevant.  [Reporting requirements of Chapter 52, Enactment Clause 2. of the 2020 Special Session I Acts of Assembly are identical.]