RD160 - Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice 2022 Review of Staffing Levels

Executive Summary:

DJJ has undergone a multi-year transformation that has overhauled the way the agency approaches juvenile justice. Although the transformation was necessary, it has taxed existing employees within the agency. That, compounded with the impacts of the pandemic and the major shift in employment market options, have resulted in significant recruitment and retention issues for DJJ.

The agency has developed a host of initiatives to address these issues and continues to work towards improved staffing levels. Unfortunately, at the end of FY 2022 DJJ reported a 26% vacancy rate. This rate exists despite a 54% reduction in the number of funded direct care positions to account for reduced population and capacity.

DJJ is committed to maintaining safe and healthy workplaces; continuing to recruit, retain, and develop a team of highly skilled and motivated staff; and aligning procedures, policies, and resources to support the team in meeting the agency goals. However, the agency will need General Assembly and Administration support to secure the necessary resources to overcome critical staffing shortages and ensure long term retention of qualified employees.