RD585 - Criminal Sealing Project Status 2023 Progress Report to the Crime Commission

Executive Summary:

Chapter 542, Enactment Clause 10 of the Virginia Acts of Assembly (Special Session I, 2021) requires the Office of the Executive Secretary (OES) to provide a report to the Virginia State Crime Commission on the progress of implementing automated systems to exchange information as required by §§ 19.2-392.7, 19.2-392.10, 19.2-392.11, and 19.2-392.12 of the Code of Virginia by November 1 of each year until the automated systems have been fully implemented.  The purpose of this document is to report the progress made by OES since our November, 2022 report in analyzing and implementing the required changes to various systems to meet the requirements of the criminal sealing legislation.  This report provides an overview of the identified project scope along with risks that might impact the budget and timeline to deliver all system functionality. This document also includes a list of accomplishments and a brief status of work in progress.